• SPARK Women's Racing is lighting it up.

    Released Aug. 25th, 2014

    SPARK Women's Racing is a new elite and professional women's cycling team based in Littleton, Colorado. We are proudly partnered with pedal of Littleton, and associated with pedal racing.

    Our mission is to assist in building a thriving women's cycling and racing community. SPARK emphasizes a passion for mentoring new female cyclists as well as providing development opportunities to women who have a desire to
    race their bikes and move into the professional ranks of the sport.

    SPARK Women's Racing is currently accepting applications for interested riders. [Editor's note: Ladies!!! This could be YOU!!!]

    Applications and more information can be found at Sparkwomenracing.com and on facebook.

  • 9th Annual Boulder Cup

    The Boulder Cup is one of those iconic races that "everyone" is at. It's Valmont at it's finest. Whether you race it or just go ring your bell and try not to spill your beer, this is a race you want on your calendar. And be aware that it's earlier this year. RIGHT after Interbike (Sunday, September 14th).

    And speaking of dates--because this backs up to Interbike, we've got some racers from out of the country who are looking for host housing. If you've never opened up your home to a traveling racer, you're missing out. It's an easy, fun way to give back to the sport you love. These racers are looking for a place to lay their weary, fast bodies from Friday-Sunday. If you're interested, please contact Chris Grealish at chris@dbcevents.com.

    Check out the video below for some inspiration and do yourself a favor: PRE-REGISTER. Save yourself $10 (and eliminate the urge to back out).

    Boulder Cup 2014 v3 from SweetSadieINC on Vimeo.

  • 303Cycling announces new grassroots team.

    The Colorado Cyclocross Crew (CXC), a grassroots cyclocross team based in Denver, has declared intent to race for the 2014 cyclocross season. [Editor's note: that's RIGHT. You read it correctly. We are happily sliding into the ditch of cross, my friends. And we invite you to join us.]

    Conceived as a team that focuses on a welcoming and user-friendly environment, the CXC invites those who are curious about the sport of Cyclocross to attend and compete in races with a fun-loving group.

    Team organizers Matt Sodnicar and Cole Weinman recognized the importance of building a community and friendly environment for experienced and new riders alike to attend without the pressure and intimidation of point standings, rankings or expense that comes with joining a traditional team.

    In partnership with Grist Brewing Company, 303Cycling and the CXC hope to see the trend catch on in the Colorado cyclocross scene, with the focus on friendships. People who you'd hang out with, both on and off the bike. Sodnicar, a respected voice in the cycling industry and creator of “Bandito Cross,” had this to say when asked about the creation of the CXC:

    “Last year, I was trying to get some friends to attend their first CX race – as spectators, and changed my angle. I started calling cyclocross part festival, part barbecue with a ride going through the middle of it. I know the ‘R’ word intimidates some people, and we wanted to make it more accessible. One of our weekly goals is to invite a rider who may have heard of cyclocross and a person who doesn't ride at all (but that's fun to be around), and who would enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere. When people ask me if I race, I always respond – ‘Well, I wouldn't call what I do racing.’ I’m out there for suffering and for fun, and this whole cross thing is too much fun not to experience. “

    Matt's gang and our gang got together and hashed out all the details. It turns out that we all wanted the same thing. Vengeance. Kidding. Not vengeance. (Ahem!) I meant, fun on bikes this cx season. Does this sound right up your alley? Yes? Good.

    Matt & I arm wrestling for my belt.

    There are no team dues. If you want to formally join, register yourself
    under 303Cycling on USAC. You can even wear our team kit (it IS a great kit). Some will, some won't. Makes no difference to us (I'm going to get mine nice and filthy, but that's beside the point). The point is, this is all about enjoying the cycling community as a whole. Not just the fasties. We'll ride our bikes, bring friends, hang out and high-five each other. That's pretty much all we require. Who's in?!?

    For more info, contact:
    ColoradoCxCrew@gmail.com and/or

  • How the West Was Won

  • Ride the Buff with the CU Cycling Team

    From contributing author, Addie Levinsky
    The 12th Annual Buffalo Bicycle Classic (hosted by the CU Cycling Team) is just around the corner. With five different route options, there is an opportunity for everyone. Not only will the routes offer some classic and epic Boulder riding, a portion of the registration fee goes to support the CU Cycling Team as they compete in various disciplines across the country.

    The route options include 35-miles, 50-miles, 70-miles, 100-miles, and the epic 110 mile ride. There is also a 14-mile ride that tours the bike path network of Boulder. All of the routes, save the Little Buff and Buff Epic bring riders north on US36 towards Lyons. The 70 and 100-mile route feature a jaunt around Carter Lake.

    The epic 110-mile route boasts nearly double the elevation gain of the 100-mile course. Riders will climb 6,253 feet as they begin the climb up Boulder Canyon to Nederland reaching the scenic Peak-to-Peak Highway. After dropping into Lyons, the route will continue onto Carter Lake as well before returning back to Boulder.

    Photo: alumi.colorado.edu

    Starting at 6:30 AM on ride day, the CU tent will be open to all riders for pre-ride coffee (guaranteed!) and pastries. CU Cycling team members will lead groups on the 50, 70, 100, and Epic routes, and all riders will return to the tent for a post-ride party. The party will feature all the essentials (like beer and food), and there will be a drawing for several different prizes.

    The ride takes place on September 7th and online registration closes September 5th at noon. Late registration will be available the day-of, beginning at 6:00am (a late fee will incur). Registering before September 5th will cost $125 (the Little Buff is $40 for child/$70 for adult).

    The Buffalo Bicycle Classic is always a great day on the bike with good company, excellent riding, and good weather. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss and it supports a great cause. Funding the CU Cycling Team allows the collegiate scene to thrive, which benefits young racers for years to come.

    Contributing author, Addie Levinsky
  • Cured Sells Musette Bags at Cycling Challenge

    BOULDER, COLORADO – August 18, 2014

    As pro cyclists whiz around Boulder on Sunday - the last day of the 7-stage USA Pro Cycling Challenge - people will watch from rooftops, balconies, sidewalks and more. Festive? You bet. To truly embrace the spirit of the epic race, Boulder’s premier cheese, charcuterie and wine shop, Cured, is bringing back its popular musette lunch bag, in partnership with the Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling Team.

    What’s a musette bag? The lightweight shoulder bags, filled with food, are often handed to cyclists as they race. Cured co-owner Will Frischkorn, a former pro cyclist who competed in the Tour de France, fills the Garmin-Sharp musette bags with sandwiches, drinks, chips, cookies and an apple - perfect fuel for the race-frenzied Cycling Challenge fans shouting from those balconies and sidewalks. After all, they need sustenance too!

    The food and bag cost just $20, and can be ordered in advance or nabbed on the day of the race - until they sell out. Gluten-free sandwiches and cookies are available for an additional $2 charge.

    For more information, visit http://www.curedboulder.com. Get in touch by heading to Cured at 1825 B. Pearl Street in Boulder; by telephone, 720-389-8096; or email, answers@curedboulder.com. Follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Cured on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CuredBoulder.

    About Cured
    Founded by Will and Coral Frischkorn in 2011, Cured quickly became one of the most celebrated cheese and charcuterie shops in the Rocky Mountain West. The market, on Boulder, Colorado’s historic Pearl Street, also sells prepared foods, dry goods and in a quaint space inside the shop offers a range of smartly edited wines, beers and spirits.

  • The Pro's & 303Triathlon.com take on the West Elk.

    From 303Triathlon.com
    Tri-Hearter: Fall Transition
    -Bill Plock, 8-15-2014

    It’s time for yet another transition, T3 and away from triathlons for now. Almost two weeks have passed since Ironman Boulder and it feels like a year. My lungs however won’t seem to entirely let go of the effort and make their frustration known when I do things like race up a flight of stairs. But, they need to rally in two weeks for my next adventure in Crested Butte.

    I plan to tackle the West Elk Bicycle Classic covering 134 miles of pure Colorado with a route touching several ecosystems showing the broad range of beauty our state has to offer. Along the way we will climb about 10,000 feet with one spectacular view after another. Having spent the last few months preparing for Ironman Boulder, too often my rides were lost in worry about watts and heart rates and maintaining this or hitting that. Not to say I didn't take in the beauty of the roads, but certainly the environment took a back seat.

    The West Elk is a timed tour providing for a competitive flavor so I’m told. I suppose some bragging rights can be found and I’m pretty sure the field of cyclists will be fairly hardcore.

  • For Bill's entire article click here.
  • Bill is absolutely correct. There will be some hard-core cyclists in the mix on August 31st. In fact, today's USA Pro Challenge will roll through portions of this very ride. This picture from Steephill shows mile 8 of the West Elk route from 2012. Check out miles 100-134 today.

    Who will climb the monster Kebler fastest? Will they be able to keep the lead on the descent? The final climb up to Mt CB? Jens Voigt? Tom Danielson? Tejay van Garderen? Best of luck to the Pro's and to every one who will be taking the West Elk Bicycle Classic on August 31st. Should be a wild ride.